TRANSMAX SM Bolt-On Hub (SM16-1615)

SM Bolt-On Hub SM16-1615
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Manufacturer: Transmax
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Product Description

Transmax Taper Bushed Type W Weld-On Hubs are made of steel, drilled, tapped, and taper bored to receive Tapered Bushings. They are very useful for welding into fan rotors, pulleys, plate sprockets, impellers, agitators, and many other devices which must be firmly fastened to the shaft. Cases where the attached item is of small dimensions should be referred to Transmax.

Shaft Fixing: SM
Shaft Fixing - Outside Diameter (B, A, D): 200
Shaft Fixing - Length (L1): 15.25
Shaft Fixing - Distance Thro. (A, D): 38
Shaft Fixing - Hub Type / Reference: SM 16-2
Shaft Fixing - Bush Number: 1615
Shaft Fixing - Outside Diameter (B, A): 200
Shaft Fixing - Hub Diameter (F, B): 90
Shaft Fixing - Hub Diameter (G, C): 90
Shaft Fixing - Plate or Flange Thickness (E): 7.5
Shaft Fixing - Flange Diameter (B): 110
Shaft Fixing - Hole Centre PCD (C ): 150
Shaft Fixing - Bolt Hole Details - No. x Diam. (J): 6 x 7.5

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