RATHI RFC Coupling Flange (RFC09FH-1108/025-1108/25)

RFC Coupling Flange (RFC09FH-1108/025-1108/25)
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Manufacturer: Rathi
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RFC Series

Product Description

The RFC coupling is a general purpose flexible coupling available in eight different sizes in taper bore, pilot bore or finished bore.

Product Application

  • Easy Installation - Alignment is quickly achieved by simply placing a straight edge across the outside diameter of the hubs. No special tools are needed, only a hexagon wrench for the locking of the taper bush.
  • Accommodates Misalignment - The RFC coupling compensates for axial, parallel & angular misalignments.
  • Extra protection Against Failure - The Inter-linking hubs act as an additional safegaurd, though the flexible element fails, the drive will be maintained by the interaction of the jaws which are an integral part of the coupling hubs. The hubs are made of C. I.. Jaws are unmachined.
  • Interchangeable - The RFC coupling is compatible with leading makes of couplings. Elastomeric spider is of Nitrile rubber having 0 shore hardness of 80 , suitable for temperatures 0 0 from -40 C to + 100 C.


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