PP 50-300-12mm, Conveyor Gravity Roller

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OEM Conveyor Gravity Roller (PP 50-300-12mm) *Delivery: 10 - 14 day upon received your payment/P.O .
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General Descriptions


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Conveyor Gravity Roller

A gravity conveyor moves the load without utilizing motor power sources, usually down an incline or through a person pushing the load along a flat conveyor. Gravity roller conveyors transport products or work in process from one work area to another. Titan gravity conveyors are a low cost and an ergonomic way to move materials.

Technical Specification

PP 50-300-12mm
Roller OD Size (mm) 50
Roller length (mm) 300
Roller shaft (mm) 12


*Delivery: 10 - 14 day upon received your payment/P.O .