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Industrial Air Blower

One of the major concerns of managers in large industries and manufacturing companies is the temperature and proper ventilation of their production area. Industrial air blowers are used to remove odors and get fresh air circulated in a building. Our range of industrial air blowers adopts modern technology in their design to promote a stable flow of air and aerodynamic efficiency.

Features of the industrial air blower include:

  • Ability to withstand high temperature
  • The blower has high pressure and high speed
  • Built using high strength material and sturdy construction to improve durability
  • Easy to install, simple to handle and durable
  • Resistant to wear and corrosion
  • High-speed revolution supported by high-efficiency bearings

Our blowers can be used in warehouses, gymnasiums, and even an underground parking garage to keep the building ventilated. They are also commonly used in major manufacturing factories and facilities to make sure that the compound has a constant supply of fresh air. In any case, proper ventilation is important for the safety and health of the operators.


The manufacture and design of the blowers are compliant with international standards which makes it highly reliable and efficient. Built with quality components and sturdy construction, our blowers also come with a user-friendly flexible motor allocation. The machines have been thoroughly tested prior to ensure a durable and reliable operation.

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Min: RM 101 Max: RM 7722

    GREENCO 2RB 110-7AA01, 0.2KW 2RB Single Stage Blower (CR-129M) 240V/1ph

    2RB 110-7AA01

    GREENCO 2RB 110-7AA01, 0.2KW 2RB Single Stage Blower (CR-129M) 240V/1PH

    RM 392.00

    GREENCO 2RB 420-7HH36, 1.6kW 415V 3ph Three phase 2RB Single Stage Blower

    2RB 420-7HH36

    GREENCO 2RB 420-7HH36, 1.6kW 415V 3PH 2RB Single Stage Blower

    RM 1,283.00

    GREENCO 2RB 740-7GH47, 5.5kW 415V 3ph Three phase 2RB Double Stage Blower

    2RB 740-7GH47

    GREENCO 2RB 740-7GH47, 5.5kW 415V 3PH 2RB Double Stage Blower

    RM 3,683.00

    Potenza Floor Dryer 0.95kW, 240V/1ph/50Hz Single phase Volume : 1700~2500 m3/hr


    Potenza TF-950 Floor Dryer, 0.95kw, 3 Speed, 240V/1PH

    RM 668.00