HCP Submersible Waste Water & Effluent Pump AL Series 1.5kW 2HP 2" (50) Single Phase

HCP Submersible Waste Water & Effluent Pump AL Series (50AL21.5-T)
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General Descriptions

HCP Submersible Pump

Product Series
AL Series


  • Casted iron body pump with 100~150μm high solids epoxy coating offering the highest quality and performance.
  • 5~15HP Triangular handle design for easy handling on Guide Rail System.
  • Compact, high head, and high efficiency for wide range of use.
  • Oil Elevation Disk design in the oil chamber to ensure the mechanical seals lubrication and to extend the service life of pump.
  • Equipped with Auto-cut Protector, epoxy cable base treatment, double mechanical seals and lip seal design.


  • All industry wastewater.
  • Building rainwater drainage, flood water removal.
  • River / lake water extraction.
  • Landscaping, aquaculture and agriculture irrigation.


Model 50AL21.5-S
Output (kW) 1.5
Discharge (Inch) 2"(50)
Head (m) 12
Phases (PH) Single Phase
N.weight (kg) 35


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