DELTA ES2 Series PLC (Main Unit) 16DI, 16DO, Transistor

DELTA ES2 Series PLC Main Unit - 16DI 16DO(Transistor) (DVP-32ES200T)
Manufacturer: Delta
RM 1,226.00
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Product Specifications DVP-32ES200T
Standard PLCs with integrated communication and highly efficient processing ability for your control systems


  • 32-bit CPU for high-speed processing
  • Standard PLC DVP-ES2 Series: 16/20/24/32/40/60/80 I/O points for a variety of applications
  • Analog I/O PLC DVP-EX2: 1. Built-in 12-bit 4 analog inputs / 2 analog output; and 14-bit analog I/O extension module. 2. Built-in PID auto-tuning function for a complete analog control solution
  • Built-in 1 RS-232 and 2 RS-485 ports
  • Program capacity: 16 k steps
  • Data register: 10k words
  • >Max. execution speed of basic instructions: 0.35 us
  • RTC function and file register (5k words) (hardware version 2.0 and above)
  • Highly efficient processing ability: 1k steps of programs can be completed within 1ms
  • Max. 100 kHz pulse control; specific motion control instructions (mark/masking and instant frequency changing) available for multi-axis application
  • Up to 4 levels of password protection securesyour source programs and intellectual property

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